Our Story

How we met

Brandon and Becca first met in August 2012 when he hosted a party to either celebrate or commiserate the Curiosity Rover landing mission. Previously, they had both been members of the local Reddit community and had been to (and hosted) a couple of meet-ups, but had never met. On the recommendation of mutual friends who assured her Brandon was not a murdering cannibal, Becca decided to attend the party and messaged Brandon for his address. Curiosity landed successfully on the surface of Mars and much fun was had by all.

Brandon and Becca continued to see each other out with their mutual friends during recurring Friday night get-togethers of Cards Against Humanity at Craft Wine and Beer. This continued for about 6 months until Brandon conversationally mentioned that he had seen Becca’s profile on a dating website. Seeing an ‘in’ Becca sent Brandon a message with her phone number. After a week of texting she used the preface of wanting to see Brandon’s dog Atlas as an excuse to get together for drinks. After some discussion, Brandon finally caught on that Atlas’s presence wasn’t strictly necessary.

First Date

Their First date started at Ceol, a local Irish Pub. Over six hours they visited a few other bars in the downtown/midtown area, the whole time talking about random happenings, telling horribly punny jokes and laughing. Making a full loop, they parted ways at Ceol without so much as a goodnight kiss, much to Becca’s disappointment. She quickly resolved to see him again as soon as possible and remedy this oversight.


After 2 years of dating, multiple trips to Burning Man, 3 species-confused pets, countless adventures, and spending Christmas and New Years in the French Riviera both Brandon and Becca were certain they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Harkening to their first trip away together, they planned a long weekend in San Francisco visiting breweries and the Exploratorium. They spent the morning playing with science experiments and revelling in a childlike wonder only nerds can truly appreciate. After a rest and beers in the Seaglass Restaurant on-site, they wandered upstairs to the Bay Observatory Gallery and it’s exterior patio overlooking the San Francisco Bay. There, under beautiful blue skies, in sight of the new Bay Bridge, Brandon proceeded to forget the entirety of the speech he had meticulously practiced. Down on one knee, he attempted to put the ring on the wrong finger as he nervously asked Becca to marry him. Becca was quick to get the hand situation sorted out and enthusiastically accepted. They immediately told their families and spent the rest of the day, and the remainder of the trip, in euphoric bliss.


Becca and Brandon were wed on December 28th, 2015 in an intimate sunset ceremony overlooking the bay of Chetumal at Orchid Bay in Corozal, Belize. The Wedding Party consisted of Emily Scott, Jason Folda, and Casey Curtis, who graciously agreed to have part of their vacation co-opted for the event. The couple wrote their own vows, and worked with a local planner to create a romantic and personal wedding that they will cherish forever.