His Story

Brandon was born Brandon Clyde Long to Patrick and Diane Long in Newberg, Oregon on February 19, 1987. When Brandon was 5 he moved to Tucson Arizona where he went to grade school. After Patrick's retirement from the Air Force the family moved back to Newberg Oregon for the rest of primary school. Brandon graduated Newberg High School in 2005. After High School, Brandon attended Oregon Institute of technology to study Computer and Software Engineering technology. Graduating in 2010, he was offered a job at International Game Technology. After 4 years at IGT with the love and support of Becca. Brandon left IGT and is now Lead Platform Engineer at Respin Gaming located in Downtown Reno.

Relocating to Reno, Nevada, Brandon picked up homebrewing beer and became more social among a group of friends from Reddit.com. In August 2012 he hosted a Curiosity (Mars Science Labratory) Rover Landing party. He opened up the invitation to everyone in a facebook group. That night he met Becca Donato...

She said...

Brandon is wonderful. Just absolutely-without-a-doubt-beyond-compare. He is honorable, kind, loving, steadfast, funny, brilliant, hard working, and I cannot imagine my life without him. I have never known a person so capable of boundless love. Having Brandon in my life has made every single aspect even better- no matter what challenge we are facing or what excitement is awaiting I know I can count on him to be by my side and support me.

His smile is infectious, and the way he laughs at his own awful puns cracks me up every time. He is able to befriend anyone or any animal he meets- he’s like a bearded Snow White. He will never let you down or make a promise he doesn’t intend to keep. He is my perfect partner in all things and approaches new experiences with unmatched enthusiasm. He teaches me and is patient when I am not, and he respects me and lets me lead too; I always feel loved and safe and valuable. We laugh. Everywhere. Even our ‘fights’ end with our house clean and our cheeks red from laughter. He makes me feel beautiful, and smart even when I’m sick or make a mistake. His love encourages me and bolsters my resolve. I can tell him anything. When he looks at me, my breath catches. When I look at him, I feel like I might burst. I am so blessed and so lucky that he has chosen me to be his wife.

Also, he has an adorable cute squishy face and I love to twirl my fingers in his fantastic beard.