Her Story

“Inquisitive, bubbly and smart as a whip.”
-Time Magazine

“Becca is a voracious reader and self-taught renaissance woman.”
-Ryan Gosling

[Kind of] seriously though, Rebecca Erin Donato was born just before noon on July 29th, 1983 - after a week-long hospital stay - to camping aficionados and sci-fi fans Cookie Greer-Donato and Andrew Donato (deceased). A Reno native; she skated through Rita Cannan Elementary, Sparks Middle School, and Hug High School before graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2006.

She is passionate about her local community and has been involved in countless political campaigns, artistic endeavors, local fundraisers and social projects. It’s impossible to go anywhere in Reno without bumping into someone she knows. Many know her as the camp-mom and kitchen wizard of her Burning Man theme camp, which she has been helping organize for six years. From Winnipeg to Germany and across the US, Becca has ushered many a Burning Man virgin through their first experience, building lifelong friendships with once-strangers.

Becca will find any excuse to cook up a meal and host friends. She often organizes group outings to screen the newest superhero movie or arranges convoluted themed dinner parties to screen the most recent hit TV show. She loves comics, video games, cooking, books, and travelling. She has an affinity with specialty kitchen gadgets and learning traditional cooking techniques. She shamelessly experiments on those closest to her, much to their delight. She is currently the Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator for the Victim Services Unit of the Reno Police Department, having previously worked as the Executive Assistant and Board Liaison for KNPB Channel 5 Public Broadcast in Reno.

He said...

Little did I know- for nobody had warned me- how quickly a person can fall in love. When I met Becca, it wasn’t immediately apparent that we would one day plan to spend our lives together. Rather, for six months, we remained only friends - until we saw an opening with each other.

It didn’t take long to realize how wonderful a partner Becca could be. Soon after we started dating, she asked me: “I know we’ve only been dating a month, but do you want to go to Chico and tour Sierra Nevada Brewery? Because, seriously, you have NEVER been?!” What answer was there besides, “When do we leave?” That weekend, I told her I loved her.

Since then, we’ve traveled to several amazing places on this earth and made plans to travel to many more. Becca is much more than my travel partner. She is my Player Two, my co-pilot, my Netflix-binge partner. I am incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to take this wonderfully nerdy, smart and loving woman as my wife.

May we live long and prosper, together as one.